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Exciting News!

Part of our business here at Potty About Herbs is the growing and selling of herb plants. I know, who would have guessed it, right?!! Well, up until now, we have struggled to grow many plants, as we don’t have anywhere to grow them, other than at home, in little pots in one small area of the patio in our back garden. This isn’t ideal, as we don’t have enough space to grow as many plants as we’d like to, and we have to grow them on a small shelving system, which means they don’t all receive a good amount of light, and they are more likely to dry out as watering them each day is quite a time consuming task.

So, we were extremely delighted when an opportunity arose for us to acquire two dis-used greenhouses, free of charge, in the behind-the-scenes growing section at one of our local parks.

We’d been asking for months about what was happening with the old empty greenhouses, and if we’d be able to use them until the parks department needed them. Well eventually they gave in to our perpetual mithering, and so now we have the use of two garden-style greenhouses!

Now this may sound like fantastic news, and it is, but these greenhouses are in a very desperate state. When we first went to have a look at them, there were big, thick brambles and so much ivy growing in them, through them and over them, and all of this needs to be chopped right down, the staging needs cleaning, all the old pots and packets of seeds need to be cleared out and disposed of, the glass panes all need to be cleaned of all the green algae that's all over them, inside and out, and then they both need to be thoroughly disinfected from top to bottom, inside and out, before any plants or seeds can be taken there.

Greenhouse 1.
Oh dear! Not quite what we were expecting to see in the greenhouses!

Greenhouse 2, after a bit of clearing.

Greenhouse 1.

Greenhouse 1.
The clean-up begins...

We're getting there!