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Plans For This Year

We are all about using herbs in our everyday life, and we are here to show you how you can do that very easily and very cheaply!

Some people pull their face when you mention the word "herbs", but before the big pharma companies came along and started manufacturing synthetic drugs, herbs were used to treat every ailment that we could possibly have!

By eating and drinking a variety of herbs on a daily basis, you can improve your overall health and wellbeing, prevent the onset of a variety of ailments, treat coughs and colds, keep your internal organs in good working order, maintain healthy skin and hair, improve memory, lose weight, detox your body of all those nasty toxins that you've built up over the years from eating things you shouldn't be, and also add some fantastic flavours to your meals and drinks (even alcoholic ones!).

Herbs can help you from both the inside and the outside of your body - meaning that some herbal products can be applied to the skin, while others need to be either eaten or drank in order to help you.

Not all herbal drinks, such as teas and tisanes (infusions) taste bad (though some of the medicinal ones can be bitter tasting), as people usually think, infact some of them are very tasty indeed!

What we try to do here at Potty About Herbs, is to make herbs easy to fit into your daily life and routine, and for you to enjoy them. You don't need all the know-how about herbs, as we do that for you.

We always buy the best quality ingredients that there are, and from very reliable, trustworthy suppliers. We research our suppliers, ensuring that their Code of Ethics is as good as our own - we wouldn't stock anything which we wouldn't use ourselves.

We currently make some of our own products, such as herbal infusions, salt blends, pepper blends, infused sugars, crystalised flowers and sugar cubes, and we also grow a lot of our own herbs, which we sell.

Our plans for this year (2019) include moving into a workshop and producing a lot of our own products, such as herbal oils and vinegars, tinctures, syrups, soaps, creams and lotions, beard oils, waxes and washes, and a range of herbal and floral candles, and to start doing more craft and demo sessions with you guys and also with some local groups and organisations. We also have plans to bring out a new food product, but for now, we are keeping that idea under wraps!

That's a heck of a lot for us to aim for, so we need your help and support to help us to succeed. We need you to continue to buy our products, come along to our courses, classes and sessions, and to tell as many people as you can about us! If you know of a shop who could stock our products, please tell them about us and ask them to contact us - we have a page on our website for people who want to stock our products. If you know of any good festivals, markets, fairs etc where we would do well, please tell us about them, and we will see if they are feasible for us to do.

We can't move on and do all these things unless we have your support, so please help us to continue!