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Ta-Dah! Didn't We Do Well?

So, we have been busy cutting, scrapping, brushing and scrubbing, and we are happy to say that one of the greenhouses is now ready for us to move our plant stock into!  Woo-hoo!

We simply cannot wait to get underway with all of our planting plans for this year. We literally have itchy fingers!

We will keep you all updated with how we get on with the greenhouses, so please keep coming back and checking our blog!

But for now, we’re off to go and get all of our pots, trays, compost, labels etc out of storage, ready for the season ahead!

Check out how the greenhouses looked before and after we cleaned them up...

Before: Greenhouse 1.
We couldn't even get into this one without hacking our way through the prickly brambles!

After: Greenhouse 1.
Clean and ready to use!

Get Your Gardening Heads On!

Spring has definitely sprung around Potty Towers just lately!

The sound of all the birds tweeting and singing in the morning is an absolute delight to wake up to, and seeing all the bright and colourful spring bulbs in the parks is enough to crack a smile on even the most dour of faces! The park where we volunteer at every week has some flower beds with big sweeping swathes of purple and yellow crocuses, which look stunning.

With the prospect of warmer weather and more hours of daylight soon to be upon us, it's now time to get your gardening heads on!  

If you're new to gardening, or have never had much success with it in the past, then let us take you under our wings and guide you. We'll have you growing lots of herbs in no time!

Anyway, this week we got just a little carried away, what with the excitement of our greenhouses almost being ready to move in to, and we have been sowing seeds, taking cuttings and propagating all over the place!

So far, we have:
  • sown seeds of wild carrot, white borage, agastache black adder, agastache foeniculum Golden Jubile, English mace
  • planted out purple garlic (better late than never!) - this is a bit of an experiment for us
  • propagated (from cuttings) lavender, sage, thyme, marjoram
  • potted on (into bigger pots) rosemary, chives, cowslip
We've still got lots more to sow or propagate yet, including burdock, more chives (they sell well!), several mint varieties, oregano, chamomile, blue borage, basil, purple angelica and many others that I can't think of right now!

And we are so excited to see that our lemon verbena, which looks dead, has a few new shoots emerging! Now this plant has the best smell ever! Do you remember those lemon sherbet sweets that you used to eat when you were a kid, the ones that were really lemony and fizzy, well lemon verbena smells just like those sweets tasted! Seriously! It's a lovely plant to grow, as it looks nice, smells awesome, and can be used to make herbal teas and infusions, sugars, syrups, jellies and of course smells great when used in home-made potpourri.

Lemon verbena (or aloysia citrodora, to give it its proper (latin) name) is a sweet smelling, perennial, deciduous shrub. This means that it sheds its leaves in winter and "dies down", but grows again the following spring/summer. So if you have this plant in your garden, and it just looks like a bunch of dead sticks at the moment, don't dig it up or throw it away! Give it chance, and it'll soon be full of those long green leaves again that smell good enough to eat!

What plants are you going to be growing this year?




DSCF4439JPGWe've planted these toilet rolls with wild carrot seed, and also sown them in the tray - to see which do best.  Watch this space...

lemon verbenapng
lemon verbena

Exciting News!

Part of our business here at Potty About Herbs is the growing and selling of herb plants. I know, who would have guessed it, right?!! Well, up until now, we have struggled to grow many plants, as we don’t have anywhere to grow them, other than at home, in little pots in one small area of the patio in our back garden. This isn’t ideal, as we don’t have enough space to grow as many plants as we’d like to, and we have to grow them on a small shelving system, which means they don’t all receive a good amount of light, and they are more likely to dry out as watering them each day is quite a time consuming task.

So, we were extremely delighted when an opportunity arose for us to acquire two dis-used greenhouses, free of charge, in the behind-the-scenes growing section at one of our local parks.

We’d been asking for months about what was happening with the old empty greenhouses, and if we’d be able to use them until the parks department needed them. Well eventually they gave in to our perpetual mithering, and so now we have the use of two garden-style greenhouses!

Now this may sound like fantastic news, and it is, but these greenhouses are in a very desperate state. When we first went to have a look at them, there were big, thick brambles and so much ivy growing in them, through them and over them, and all of this needs to be chopped right down, the staging needs cleaning, all the old pots and packets of seeds need to be cleared out and disposed of, the glass panes all need to be cleaned of all the green algae that's all over them, inside and out, and then they both need to be thoroughly disinfected from top to bottom, inside and out, before any plants or seeds can be taken there.

Greenhouse 1.
Oh dear! Not quite what we were expecting to see in the greenhouses!

Greenhouse 2, after a bit of clearing.

Greenhouse 1.

Greenhouse 1.
The clean-up begins...

We're getting there!