All of our upcoming events are listed below. 

Keep on checking back here as we will be adding more!

Events - 2019

Mar       1    Longton Village Market Details

Feb  24 Heskin Hall Farmers' Market Details
Feb    2 Penwortham Farmers' Market Details
Feb  1 Longton Village Market Details


Events - 2018

Dec       9     Preston Vegan Market  Details 
Dec       7     Longton Village Market  Details 
Dec       6     Lostock Hall Christmas Market

Nov       3      Penwortham Farmers' Market  Details 
Nov       2      Longton Village Market  Details 

Oct     28      Preston Vegan Market  Details 
Oct       6      Penwortham Farmers' Market  Details  
Oct       5      Longton Village Market  Details  

Sept   29       Penwortham Autumn Show  Details
Sept     8       Penwortham Farmers' Market  Details  
Sept      1       Longton Village Market  Details  

Aug     26      Preston Vegan Market  Details 
Aug     25      Taste of Leyland  Details
Aug       5      Knowsley Flower Show  Details
Aug       4      Penwortham Farmers' Market  Details  
Aug       3      Longton Village Market  Details  

July     28      Lancaster Vegan & Green Festival  Details 
July      15      Garstang Ice Cream Festival  Details
July       6       Longton Village Market  Details      
July        1       Preston Vegan Market  Details       

June   30    Aviation & Transport Festival,  Manchester Airport  Details 
June   23    Preston Vegan & Wellness Fair  Details 
June   20    Ladies' Night, St Catherine's Hospice, Lostock Hall  Details
June     3       Food For Thought - Vegan Fair,  Ormskirk  Details
June     2    Food For Thought - Vegan Fair,  Ormskirk  Details 
June      1    Longton Village Market  Details

May     28       Ribchester Spring Bank Village Market  Details
May       5       Penwortham Farmers' Market  Details
May       4    Longton Village Market  Details

April    29    Worden Market  Details
April      6    Longton Village Market  Details

March  10      Blackpool Vegan & Green Festival  Details
March   2       Longton Village Market  Details