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HR, Blackpool 
recommends Potty About Herbs

6 May 2019

I recently purchased 2 gift boxes, the communication was excellent and the delivery was so fast, they arrived exactly as advertised, they smell amazing and are wonderful to use. Thank you so much.

KS, Warrington recommends Potty About Herbs
3 May  2019 

love the products, soaps, herbs, help I get when I ask. amazing

SD, Sydney 

15 April 2019

Hi Lyndsie

Thank you for following up on the order. I received it this morning and it is exactly what I was after.


PT, Preston recommends Potty About Herbs

21 December 2018

Lyndsie knows her stuff and is able to help with a lot of health issues recommending herbs that might be of use. She has made up a herbal tea that had helped me to get my cholesterol down a bit if I drink it along with my change of diet. Also they sell some really good shower and shampoo bars which help save the environment.

KPB, Bolton reviewed Potty About Herbs 5 star

27 November 2017

Lyndsie visited our Brownies unit tonight to make bird themed crafts. The girls loved the session and Lyndsie was great, really well organised, good activities and a very reasonable price - I'd recommend to anyone.

DM, Manchester reviewed Potty About Herbs5 star

5 November 2017 

Bought a few Christmas presents from you today at your vegan fare at Stockport Town Hall, thank you !

PM, Preston reviewed Potty About Herbs5 star
19 August 2015

Natural products, sold at a low price and quality that is better than Lush in my girlfriend's opinion so who am I to disagree!. Seriously though the bathbombs and soaps are excellent.

The satsuma juice body wash is lush, very fragrant and refreshing after a heavy night. Quality as always from here.