If you're not sure which soap has the best smell, which tea has the best taste, or which of the salts you may prefer, you can purchase sample sizes of some of our products.

We offer individual samples, and sample packs.

Individual Samples

To buy any individual samples, please order them from the drop-down menus on our Shop pages.  You may order as many individual samples as you like, and from as many different products as you like.  

If a product does not have an option to buy a sample listed against it, then unfortunately we are unable to offer a sample size of it.  Due to the nature or design of some of our products, we may be unable to split or cut an item to offer a sample of it.

We apologise for this.

Sample Packs

We offer a range of Sample Packs.

To buy any of our Sample Packs, please order them from our Shop pages.