Herbal Tea - Blends - Juniper & Lemon Sencha Green Tea

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Juniper & Lemon Sencha Green Tea


The fragrant and aromatic Juniper berries blended with this delicate China Sencha Green Tea adds a subtle sweetness to this blend, with the extra Aronia Berries to balance the Juniper Berries. This is a wonderfully Autumnal Tea, creating a warming and comforting cup which is also light and refreshing.

Ingredients - Chinese Sencha Green tea (80 %), Lemon Peel, Juniper Berries, Aronia Berries.

Brewing Guide - Using water at a temperature of 75-80 degrees, brew for 2-3 minutes depending on taste.

Health Benefits - Juniper berries have diuretic properties which enhances the natural detoxifying characteristics of the green tea – coupled with their high Vitamin C content this makes not just a deliciously fragrant tea, but a detox in a cup!

Additional info

Type:                                    Green Tea

Health Benefits:                 Anti-Oxidant, Detox, Hydrating, Refreshing, Relaxing

Caffeine Level:                   Medium

Best Time To Drink It:    Breakfast, Lunchtime, Afternoon

Country:                               More Than One Origin