Herbal Tea – Chamomile Flowers (Roman)



Chamomile Flowers (Roman)

Product of France

Must be infused in boiling water prior to consumption.

Latin Name: Chamaemelum nobile syn. Anthemis nobilis
Plant Family: Asteraceae

Brief History:

The ancient Egyptians prized the herb as a sacred gift from Ra, the sun god, and revered it above all other herbs.

Throughout the ages, gardeners have referred to chamomile as the "plant doctor" or the "plant's physician" because it is a very good companion plant. The chemicals that it produces from its roots help to keep other plants in its surrounding area healthy and disease free.


Roman chamomile is nicer than its German Chamomile when taken as a tea, as it is less bitter.

It is used to flavour liqueurs such as Benedictine.

It can be added to sleep pillows, relaxing bath blends and potpourri.

It can be used as a general tonic to all garden plants.