Relaxation Wellness Tea




Relaxation Wellness is an organic herbal blend to help bring a moment of calm to your hectic everyday life. 

Stress - we all know it, we’ve all felt it. Sometimes a little stress can push us in a positive way, but more often than not, letting stress build is damaging to our health! Whether just dealing with the stresses of daily life, or some life- changing major issue comes up, managing our stress is vital.

Our Relaxation Wellness blend is built around a base of liquorice and fennel, real cinnamon pieces and ginger add warmth and soothing properties to the blend. Parsley, cloves and peppermint all help to aid digestion and improve circulation, while highly palatable ginger bits can help to settle the nerves and calm the stomach. This is a wonderful relaxing herbal wellness blend for the naturally-minded tisane enthusiast!

Relaxation Wellness herbal blend has a full fennel-liquorice flavour and a lovely sweetness to help get you on the road to a more relaxed, less stressed day!



Fennel, cinnamon bits, ginger bits, liquorice root, lemongrass, black pepper, peppermint leaves, cloves, parsley.



Use 1 – 1.5 teaspoons of tea per cup of water.

Boil water and allow to cool for a minute, then pour onto the tea.

Cover (to retain beneficial oils) and leave to steep for 4 - 6 minutes.


Caffeine Level:  Caffeine Free