Herbs - Borage


Borage - dried herb


Product of Poland

Latin Name: Borago officinalis

Plant Family: Boraginaceae

Interesting Fact: 

How borage got its name is subject to conjecture, the story is attributed to the Celts, Greeks and Romans, all of these naming theories link borage with the ability to impart courage, it was certainly used as a culinary ingredient by the Romans who viewed it as a pot herb, adding it to soups, stews and stocks. Medieval women are said to have sent their men folk off to war with a sprig of Borage to keep courage in their hearts. It’s also associated with cheerfulness and the power to help us forget.

Ingredients: Borage Leaf


Traditionally used in the UK as a garnish for drinks such as Pimm’s, borage can also be used as a culinary ingredient. It is a common ingredient in various parts of Germany, Spain, Greece and Italy, where it is used as an ingredient in soups, sauces and added to fillings for pastas such as ravioli. Borage is also used as flavouring in some brands of gin. Try stirring it in to cottage cheese, add to savoury pancakes, fritters and dumplings.