Peppercorns, Green


Green Peppercorns

Product of India

Latin Name: Piper nigrum

Plant Family: Piperaceae

Interesting Fact: 

All colours of peppercorns come from the same plant, it’s the way that they are dried and processed that dictates the colour of them. Green peppercorns are made from the unripe fruits known as drupes.  They are treated in a way that retains the green colour, such as by freeze-drying. The flavour of green peppercorns is considered to be more piquant and fresher with a herbal ‘green’ flavour than black peppercorns.


Green Peppercorns.

Allergy Advice: Green Pepper contains a naturally occurring source of salicylates and is best avoided by people eating a salicylate free diet.


Green peppercorns are used in Asian cuisine, especially in Thai dishes but are sadly an under rated ingredient in European kitchens. Try adding them to cream based sauces to accompany steak, chicken and fish. Add them to the water when poaching any meat or fish, or use in place of black peppercorns to impart a fresh, green and subtler pepperiness to your dish.